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I can't speak more highly of these classes. I’ve taken skate classes before, but ones with the LA Skate Hunnies have been the best. They create a very warm and welcoming environment. Justin, the slalom teacher, is a phenomenal teacher for all levels. He’s patient, encouraging, and great at breaking down foot work. I was able to understand & execute concepts I never thought I’d be able to.


This class was such a vibe! The instructor was amazing. They were patient, kind, and fun to learn from. I really love how patient and understanding my instructor was. I could tell she knew her stuff & I felt confident in her as an instructor.


I think everyone should take one or more of the classes. The community is so supportive and diverse in skill. You never feel imtimated or singled out and it really helps to progress your level of skating. 12/10 !!!

More Testimonials: "I’ve taken skate classes before but these are the best classes I’ve taken. " "This class was just what I needed. I was comfortable with beginners basics but was having trouble progressing forward. Learning transitions and backwards skating made me feel so much more comfortable and ready to practice. I'm excited to see how much I can improve with these skills now. Thanks to Jen and everyone in the class for making me feel welcomed and supported! This is such an epic community🤩" "I felt comfortable with the instructors. They were very chill, kind, patient and just fun to learn from. These were all things that were important to me and might be to others." "Jen was very welcoming and enthusiastic about teaching us Beginner Basics II. She made everyone feel comfortable no matter their skill level and made sure that everyone had their own personal guidance with the skills that we were learning. I made great strides toward improving my transitions with her direction. Overall, Jen was a great instructor and I look forward to learning more from her in the future!" "Jen is knowledgeable and a great instructor. I felt safe in the area she guided us to skate in the street. We practiced many new skills even though I have previously taken this course before." "LA Skate Hunnies is a beautiful community and that's a really important motivator to get out and skate!" "I really appreciated Jen's friendly and supportive attitude. She gave great clear instructions and worked 1:1 on things that just wasn't clicking until it made sense. Thanks Jen!" "Great class, a lot of fun, great teacher. Anyone will develop a basic understanding after the class." "This was the first skating class I ever took and Jen was so great! She's a great teacher, very thorough and makes you feel confident. Having someone who is a professional tell me that I can do something that I would normally think is super dangerous is awesome. It makes me feel like I can do anything! Also excited to join more skate hunnies events to make skating friends as well and hopefully learn more tips & advice from the community on the areas I need to improve"



The Skate Hunnies are proud to offer lessons at various levels! Lessons run 60-75 minutes and are offered in a small group of 15 students or less.  Participants can reserve their spot on the "Lessons Sign Up" page.

Beginner Basics I

Learn basic skate skills such as falling, skating forwards, stopping, balance, weight distribution, & understanding skate equipment.
Pads recommended.
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Intro to Park Skating

Ready to take your skills to the skate park? Learn basic fundamentals like skate park etiquette, bailing safely, tackling small ramps, and more! Pads & helmet required.

Intro to Slalom

Curious about slalom? This introduction class will teach basic foundational skills for beginner slalom moves. Participants will stretch, learn edges/body position and practice with some cones with moves like Fish and Snake.
Pads recommended.
Class Flyers.png

Tricks: Criss Cross

Ready to level up your slalom moves? Our tricks class to learn Criss Cross is a great option for students who've already taken Intro to Slalom or already have mastery over Fish and Snake.

This class will increase precision skating through cones and give your skating a flowy feel. Pads recommended.
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Tricks: Backwards & Transitions

Ready to level up and try something new? Our tricks class to learn backwards skating and transitions is a great option for students who've already mastered the basics of moving forwards and feel confident on their skates.

This class will review basic skills, and teach backwards skating, pivots, and transitions.
Pads recommended.

Roll Out Readiness

This class is geared towards skaters who have the basics down and want to feel more confident with road skating. We will cover road obstacles, roll out prep, and other activities to build skills to get you ready to roll with us on Thursday nights! Pads recommended.
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