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Skate Lessons & Special Events

Diana, Intermediate lessons

"I can't speak more highly of these classes. I’ve taken skate classes before, but ones with the LA Skate Hunnies have been the best. They create a very warm and welcoming environment. Justin, the slalom teacher, is a phenomenal teacher for all levels. He’s patient, encouraging, and great at breaking down foot work. I was able to understand & execute concepts I never thought I’d be able to."

Aleisha, Beginner lessons

"This class was such a vibe! The instructor was amazing. They were patient, kind, and fun to learn from. I really love how patient and understanding my instructor was. I could tell she knew her stuff & I felt confident in her as an instructor."

Violet, Beginner lessons

"I think everyone should take one or more of the classes. The community is so supportive and diverse in skill. You never feel imtimated or singled out and it really helps to progress your level of skating. 12/10 !!!"
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